By axe and knife

Wielding a Swedish method, my creations are carved by axe and knife within the greatest respect for nature.


I collect my wood in the forest, from a log, a branch freshly broken by strong winds or a tree cut by others. Subsequently, the raw shape of the spoon is shaped with my axe and my two knives. Then the utensil is dried and polished with my knives, without sanding, to be finally coated with a 100% natural Canadian hemp oil.

A minimalist and ecological approach where the entire process is in my hands.

Appreciate the beauty
in all its simplicity


With my spoons, I try to demonstrate that natural beauty is in imperfection and difference. I like that they reflect where they really come from, from a tree. This way that I highlight my imperfect designs is directly inspired by a Japanese aesthetic concept called Wabi-sabi.​

We live in a superficial era where everything happens in an accelerated way, where everything becomes more complex from one day to the next. So let's take the time to stop and appreciate the simplicity.

A log of wood, an axe, two knives. A spoon.


A unique spoon,
a relic from the forest


My creations are more than spoons. They are useful sculptures shaped with my hands from ancestral tools.


In addition, each time I go to harvest my wood in the forest is special. This gives each spoon a unique story and anecdotes that bring them to life in a certain way.